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The Licence of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

Private Educational Institute of Higher Professional Education "Saint Petersburg Institute of Arts and Restoration" (PEI HPE SPIAR) was founded on 21st July, 2011. Licence for educational activities is №0493 of 28th December, 2012 on bachelor, programmes of professional training and retraining.

The purpose of the Institute is to become a leader in providing of quality training of competent and competitive professionals demanded in the labor market in the field of culture, art and restoration.

St. Petersburg Institute of Arts and Restoration provides training in three areas of bachelor:
"History of Art",
"Study of Culture",

Profiles 50.03.03 (035400) "History of Art"
The training of qualified professionals in the field of art, fashion art, multimedia art, photo and film art, antiques expert and arts managers.
Institute graduates can work in museums, art and antique shops and galleries, insurance companies, customs structures, Russian and international auction houses, advertising agencies, chief colleges and departments of universities.

Profiles 51.03.01 (033000) "Study of Culture"
Training of professionals in the sphere of intercultural communication and organization of cultural exchange, to work in the field of tourism, catering and management of cultural organizations.
Graduates of the Institute may organize cultural exchange between the countries of the world community, effectively to implement the international tourism management, use knowledge of the languages ​​and traditions of the countries of East and West.

Profiles 54.03.04 (072200) "Restoration"

Preparing professionals to work in the restoration organizations and shops, museums and art studios, organizations for the protection of cultural heritage, design and construction companies.
Graduates of the Institute may know and confirm the authorship, manufacturing time of the monuments to the fine arts, analyse a style, manners of the author of a work, the technique of painting and iconography, features of architectural monuments and works of decorative and applied arts.

The academics of our Institute are the best specialists in the field of restoration, art and studies of culture, experienced museum professionals, restorers of leading restoration workshops in St. Petersburg, experts on antiques. Many academics are active members of expert boards.

We hold a program of meetings with the owners of major private collections of antique shop nets, branch managers of art banking and art stocks and other specialists forming the modern art market that will meet with professional secrets which are not described in textbooks.

From the first acaademic year, our students are involved in the work of the professional community of the experts works of art, antiques and restoration on the basis of cooperation with the Russian Association of Restorers, St. Petersburg Union of Restorers, the Union of Artists and the Community of Antiquaries.

The Student Council (SC) and Student Scientific Society (SSS), which prepares and conducts Science Days jointly with the departments of the Institute, started working actively.

The Center for Continuing Education
works in the Institute successfully and efficiently, in accordance with the license. The Centre realizes the following training programs:
- "The Art of Fashion"
- "Examination of Cultural Heritage"
- "Computer technologies in the field of restoration."

The programs of advanced training aremore than 72 academic hours and involve lectures and practical hours, meetings with practitioners. The certificate of professional development issues.

The programmes for re-training of specialist:
- "Decorative drawing, painting, art fabric painting "
- "Restoration of stained glass and glass products".

The programmes of professional re-training are more than 500 academic hours. The diploma of professional development issues. Also leaners have opportunity to continue working in the field of fine art and restoration.

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