About Institute

St. Petersburg Institute for Arts and Restoration was founded in 2012.
It is one of two higher educational institutions of Russia which train restorers and only country's higher educational institute that has a full range of bachelor degree in the field of preservation of cultural heritage: global and Russian.

Profiles 50.03.03 (035400) “History of Art”:

“Art Examination”
“World Art of Fashion”
“Multimedia Art”

Profiles 51.03.01 (033000) “Study of Culture”:
“National and Regional Cultures”
“Management of Social and Cultural Sphere”
“World Cuisine’s Culture”

Profiles toward 54.03.04 (072200) “Restoration”:
“Restoration of Decorative Art” (glass, wood, metal, sculpture, gilding)
“Restoration of Painting”

The Institute has an active educational and scientific activities. The purpose of the Institute is to train professionals of international level in the field of cultural studies and restoration. In this regard, a range of activities carries out:
- Regular meetings and seminars with Russian and foreign experts;
- Open air events and workshops;
- Training courses in the framework of creative schools;
- Professional and student conferences.

As part of the development strategy, the Saint Petersburg Institute for Arts and Restoration seeks to expand international relations and is ready to cooperate with all specialized universities and research institutes and centers abroad.

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