Restoration As Art of Revival of Historical And Cultural Heritage

December 5, 2014

в 12 - 00

Suggested questions for discussion:

1. The problems of historical and cultural heritage restoration in the context of social and cultural development of Russia.

2. The monuments of history and culture: Legal aspects of restoration and protection activities.

3. International restoration practice: problems and solutions on the revival of objects of historical and cultural heritage.

4. Actual questions of the restoration of the monuments of history and culture in Russia: Restoration, renovation or coservation.

5. Scientific and methodological problems of restoration: science or art, skill or technology.

6. Problems of the creation of restoration history.

7. Modern technology to protect the monuments of stone, wood and metal.

8. Investigation of condition and safty of historical and cultural monuments: From diagnostics to creation of restoration projects.

9. Geophysics in modern restoration: "The impact of climate change on the condition of cultural heritage".

10. Restoration in museum practice.

Time limit on speeches:

Post - 10 minutes

Report - 20 minutes

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